Our “On Truck Computer” hardware and software solutions have over the past decade progressed in line with the demands of the industry. Using leading edge technology, the LOMOSOFT “On-Truck-Computer” solution delivers near to real-time functionality to the delivery process, vehicle tracking and compartment and electronic dipstick monitoring; capabilities in high demand with major oil companies and haulers alike.

Oilpac can be seamlessly integrated with WinDMS and enables not only a paperless dispatch process, but also a paperless distribution. It can be used for the retail site as well as for the commercial customer business and supports amongst others the following features:

  • Complete shift process covered ‘on board’
  • Communication with the dispatch centre via GPRS
  • Integration of trailer electronics
  • Printing of trip sheets as well as delivery documents on the truck
  • Integration of the LOMOSOFT GPS-Module in order to locate a vehicle and track and trace purposes

OilDroid is the solution for Android devices.

  • Connection to TAS (Terminal Automation Systems)
  • Communication with ATG (Automatic Tank Gauging)
  • Interfacing with VDO fleet manager
  • CanBus integration