Planning & Scheduling


Planning and scheduling in the secondary distribution for Oil and Gas is in itself a reasonable simple mathematical algorithm. The challenge comes along with the various restrictions from the resources, depots and clients. This is when planning and scheduling becomes a substantial complex mathematical problem.

Are planning and scheduling the same process. Certainly not. Planning defines What and How, while Scheduling defines When and Who. Planning should always be done before scheduling. Planning is, for example, to get the right fuel in the right amount. Scheduling is deciding when and by whom the job is done. Which truck will deliver the load and at what point in time.

Operations must, in order to achieve a high scheduling performance, receive as soon as possible the required delivery quantity to the respective delivery addresses. This will allow to optimally allocate the resources and in the same time guarantee the requested delivery quantities.

In today’s logistics environment the order point is more and more pushed back and therefore the time to allocate resources is minimized. This is the point where LOMOSOFT steps in with its planning and scheduling tool ‘WinDMS’. WinDMS is able to combine the planning and scheduling in one move. It can plan the orders (VMI*-based). In the same instance the order can be scheduled to the transport mode and the delivery time is captured. This results in a high scheduling performance and an increased level of delivery quantity.

With our combined planning and scheduling feature: WinDMS, Lomosoft provides you the leading solution in the secondary distribution for the Oil and Gas industry.