Track & Trace


WinDMS Online-Tracking provides near to real time information of your fleet such as current and historic tanker routes. In the event of diversions alert notifications will directly be transmitted to the dispatching office and displayed within the tracking window.

WinDMS contains of the following track and trace functions:

1. Monitoring

Allows the planner to monitor routes, quality of data flow and compliance with speed limits.

2. GPS Analysis

WinDMS GPS-analysis provides a tool to investigate the loading or unloading process as well as entire roundtrips.

3. Route comparison

WinDMS Actual route comparison helps the operator to determine optimal routes and to drive efficiency analysis.

4. GPS - events

WinDMS GPS-Events are automatically allocated to the corresponding loading- or unloading activities.

The planner will automatically be informed about any GPS-Events that can not be allocated.

Opening and closing events for the trailer cabinets are being recorded.

Alert notifications are being sent from the GPS unit to the office in case of events outside the appropriate Geofence.

5. Geofencing

WinDMS Geofencing defines a geographic location in which a truck is allowed to load or unload.

Location are being defined within the dispatching software.

A GPS signal will determine the location of the truck.

The system can easily check whether or not the truck resides within the geofence.

Instant notification will be given to the operator in case a truck is getting loaded or unloaded outside the pre-defined geofences.