Custom Data Exchange


Connectivity is the key to make manual inputs obsolete, because manual inputs often are causing errors. A higher connectivity will increase the data flow and will provide the dispatching software just in time all relevant information. It will help to accelerate the invoicing process, to optimise the fleet utilization and to improve stock management.

The LOMOSOFT solution WinDMS can be integrated easily with your back office system/ERP and has a variety of existing interfaces, including:

  • Order Import
  • Sales Data Import
  • Stock Data Import 
  • Credit Check
  • Master Data Import
  • Terminal Connectivity
  • Export to various ERP systems like ISP/ESP, Navision, SAP (proprietary)
  • WinDMS communicates with SAP using web service 
  • XML technology allows transactions to be exchanged within seconds

LOMOSOFT can support, amongst others, the following protocols:

  • ftp
  • sftp => LOMOSOFT uses certificate authentication as a standard
  • smb
  • http/s => connections created customer specific