Hosting & Cloud Computing


Network security means protecting automation networks from unauthorized access. LOMOSOFT recognizes that an optimal industrial security solution can only be implemented if new approaches are taken because they must be continuously adapted to new threats. LOMOSOFT can offer hosting in several locations operated by renown providers of carrier-neutral collocation data centers, which include provision of space, power and a secure environment. The hosting entity has integrated ISO 27001, an internationally recognized certification designed to assess levels of risk across an entire company’s data center network and provide redundant power supply, air conditioning and internet connection.

All data on the serves are managed by LOMOSOFT. Only LOMOSOFT has exclusive access to server hard- and software. There exists a 2 way monitoring via internal and external interfaces. Customer and/or data services are monitored live and centrally via a monitoring gateway. Also operating system event logs are tracked for issues occurred. LOMOSOFT uses centralized backup servers to save all customer data on reliable redundant systems. Backups are done every day as a full backup which will be hold available for 10 days. Also transaction logs are saved every 2 hours.